Top 10 Maintenance Tips for your Golf Cart

Carryall 500

Your Top Ten Tips for Golf Cart Maintenance

  1. CLEAN YOUR CART:  Roll that dusty cart out of your garage and give it a good rinse. Don’t be afraid to spray the batteries, just be mindful of the electronics.
  2. CLEAN BATTERIES: Have a look at your battery terminals and make sure they are clean. If you have corrosion on the terminals, we suggest just getting the terminals wet (if you haven’t already with the garden hose) then adding a bit of baking soda to the terminals. Then you can give them a good rinse, a toothbrush may also come in handy.
  3. CHECK THE WATER LEVEL: It is important to check the water level on your batteries before you start charging your batteries. We advises to open the caps and if you cannot see any water in your cells, then you must add distilled water until the water just starts to cover the cells. Once you have just a very bit of water covering the cells you can begin to charge your cart.
  4. CHARGING THE BATTERIES: Hopefully you have been keeping your batteries charged up over the winter months, as lead acid batteries need to be stored charged. If you have stored your batteries for a long period of time without charging them you can cause serious damage to them. If cart won’t move and your charging won’t turn on, typically this is because your battery packs are so low that it won’t turn the charger on. If you have checked to ensure your tow run switch is in the run mode then the next step is to find a friend with the same voltage cart as you and connect their cart to your cart with jumper cables. Once connected you can plug your charger in and it will turn on, as you have fooled it into thinking that your battery pack is charged.  WARNING: If you do not know how to properly jump a cart, please we or someone in your area that can help, as you can do serious damage to your carts electronics.
  5. CHECK YOUR TIRE PRESSURE: With the cart charging it is a great time to check the tire pressure and make sure they are all even and at the proper operating pressure.
  6. GREASE & CHECK YOUR FLUIDS: You will also want to grease any fittings and check your differential fluids at the same time.
  7.  CHECK YOUR BRAKES: Next it is a good idea to check your brakes by jacking up the rear of the cart, safely supporting it and then removing the wheels to access your brakes. It is a great time to take some compressed air and blow out the brake dust. Then you can check the thickness of your pads.
  8. CHECK YOUR BRAKE PADS: Also check the play in your brake pedal, you may need to adjust it so that you don’t have excess play.
  9. TIGHTEN YOUR SCREWS & BOLTS: Have a look at any visible bolts and screws ensuring that they are tight.
  10. CHECK YOUR BATTERY CABLES: Also be sure to check your battery cables and make sure the connections are tight. A loose connection or bad battery cable can burn up a battery post in no time.

If you follow these simple pre-season tips you will be sure to have a great trouble free season with your cart.

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