Meet E.R.I.C: Your New Battery Valet

No-excuses E.R.I.C Charging Keeps Your Precedent® i2 Ready to Roll

Meet ERIC, the Precedent electric golf car’s new charger.

ERIC’s best-in-class features and functionality are built into a smaller, lighter package designed to communicate with you through a series of audio and visual alerts. ERIC outsmarts common user errors and delivers virtually fail-safe charging by:

  • Issuing three beeps when the car begins charging, so you’ll know it’s powering up before you head into the house.
  • Using status lights to assure you that the car is receiving AC power. Not getting AC power is the number one cause of charger errors.
  • Indicating when the car is fully charged.
  • Alerting you when there’s a problem with the charger.
  • Continuously monitoring the battery pack after charging, and delivering juice as needed. This is especially great if you use your golf car infrequently or at a vacation home.
  • Alerting you through an LED dash light when the battery pack falls to 20% then 10% charge, so you won’t get stranded.
  • Working even during voltage swings.

Global, Reliable and Energy Efficient

Since ERIC offers the widest voltage range in the industry (85-270 volts), it works globally and keeps charging even during voltage fluctuations.

ERIC also reduces your energy consumption. It gets up to 91% efficiency, a full 10% higher than the Precedent golf car’s former charger.

And it’s enclosed in a strong, sealed aluminum housing that wards off the dust, dirt and water often found in garages. Weighing in at just eight pounds, ERIC is also smaller, lighter and easier to move and mount.

With ERIC, your golf car is ready when you are.

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