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Why is Neutralising Battery Acid and Cleaning Essential?

This article is going to tackle the question of Why Neneutralising battery acid and Cleaning your Battery is an important aspect of care and longevity with your cart batteries. When it come to Low Speed Vehicles (LSV) which includes, golf carts, utility vehicles like the Club Car Carryall the process of cleaning your cart batteries […]

Top 10 Maintenance Tips for your Golf Cart

Carryall 500

Your Top Ten Tips for Golf Cart Maintenance CLEAN YOUR CART:  Roll that dusty cart out of your garage and give it a good rinse. Don’t be afraid to spray the batteries, just be mindful of the electronics. CLEAN BATTERIES: Have a look at your battery terminals and make sure they are clean. If you […]

How do you take care of golf cart batteries?

Taking care of your golf cart battery isn’t as tough as it may sound.  If you follow a monthly battery maintenance routine, you can get your battery to last as long as 6 years.  We have even heard of batteries lasting 10 years. You also get the added benefit of strong performance on the course […]

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