Emergencies can happen at any campus, stadium, or work site. Our Transporter Ambulance Fit-to-Task Vehicles have a small profile and tight handling, allowing you to bring help directly to patients no matter where they are – with space to securely carry them where they need to go.

– Custom ambulance deck with medical attendant seat.
– Fold-down rails for patient.
– Hand-carry stretcher and mounts.
– USB ports.
– The electric model is equipped with the same standard equipment as the petrol model but is powered by a 48V battery pack with extended-range batteries and single-point watering
system for easy battery maintenance. A smart on-board charger with reel retracter prevents common user errors and enables you to charge at any 110V outlet.
– Extra heavy-duty 3-leaf spring front suspension
– 4 Wheel brakes: This extra heavy-duty, 3-leaf spring front suspension is for vehicles with 4-wheel brakes to handle even higher
impact and loading.
– Halogen Headlights: Get a clear view of the path ahead with affordable halogen headlights.
– Bed Floor hardware: Add utility and versatility to your vehicle with bed floor hardware that helps you get the job done.
– Battery care kit: Easily maintain battery water level with single-point access.
– Round reflector kit: Enhance the visibility of your vehicle from dusk to dawn. Includes two (2) amber and four (4) red reflectors.
– Rear fender guard kit: Custom-designed fender guards are tested and proven to help protect the tires, wheels and axle in the event of accidental encounters during a turn or items
such as safety bollards.
– USB Port: Conveniently charge devices of all kinds with the USB port located next to the instrument panel.
– Ambulance with passenger attendant seat and toolbox: This speciality seating allows for an attendant to safely ride alongside the injured passenger. Additional toolbox storage is
available below the seat.
– Mounts for cot-style stretcher: Securely transport injured or ill passenger’s courtesy of the mounts designed for a cot-style stretcher.
– Hand-carry Folding stretcher: Safely transport the injured or ill with the help of the compact folding stretcher.