New CLUB CAR Carryall Housekeeping 500 Laundry Vehicle 

Suitable for a wide range of applications from Resorts, tourist parks, mine sites, hotels/accommodation. Various size boxes available depending on your specific requirement.

– Rear enclosure
– Double lockable doors (both sides)
– Aluminium frame and body, easy to maintain and non corrosive
– Half height shelf
– Amber Strobe
– LED Headlights (optional)
– Onboard Charger
– Choice of 48V Electric or Fuel Injected Petrol

 The vehicle is built on the renowned Carryall 500 utility vehicle platform. It does the work of a small pick-up truck at a fraction of the cost thanks to its powerful 14-hp-rated single-cylinder overhead cam engine with electronic fuel injection. The engine delivers superior power and torque, yet it cuts fuel consumption by 50% compared to some competitive models. The electric model is powered by 48-volt system and 500-amp DC motor controllers with controlled downhill ability, zero-speed detect to prevent roll away, regenerative braking, hand-held speed programmability and diagnostic capabilities. Smart onboard chargers issue alerts to prevent common user errors, and reel retractors allow for “opportunity charging.” The vehicle’s rustproof aircraft-grade aluminium frames withstand road salt, fertilisers, water and lawn chemicals often used on campuses, resorts and government complexes.