InGolf and Utility are golf cart hire and rental specialists. We have a huge range of golf buggy’s for rental and can arrange delivery and pickup. Common golf cart rentals include:

● Golf Course Golf Cart hire (from one day, short term hire or long term rental)

● Event (sporting events, festivals, shows)

● Maintenance, support and security (contract work)

Our range of hire vehicles include:

●Two seat golf cart (petrol and electric available)

●Two seat golf cart utility with tray

●Four seat golf cart

●Six seat golf cart

●Medical Support Vehicle (golf cart with stretcher)

We can also add a custom livery to your rental golf buggy with branding or any other specific requirement.


Primary locations include:

●Sydney golf cart rental and hire

●Melbourne golf cart rental and hire

Regional area golf cart rental also available, send a message and let us know your requirements.

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